March 2015 report

This report was submitted to SDOT and Metro in March, 2015 by members of the Westwood/Roxhill/Arbor Heights Community Council:


Please note that this copy of the report has removed the petition signature pages for privacy reasons.

Some updates since the report was published:

  • Roxbury Street is slated to be repaved in 2021 under the 2015 Move Seattle levy.
  • About 7 of the worst concrete panels on Barton Street near 30th Ave. SW were re-engineered and repaved last year.  Note that this new section consists of 12″ thick concrete on a 6″ crushed rock base to support the weight of the buses.  (The existing, failed roadway there is 8″ thick concrete over an aggregate base.)
  • 26th Ave. SW (between Barton and Roxbury) is now under a 20 MPH slow advisory for Metro buses.  This is in addition to the existing 15 MPH slow order for Roxbury Street between 31st Ave. SW and 35th Ave. SW.
  • Some spot repairs were done or promised for this year for 26th Ave. SW.